About Us

Better & Faster Together is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating a healthy competitive environment in the sport of skiing by offering innovative educational curriculum for athletes, parents and coaches, as well as celebrating exemplary community role models in the form of recognition.

Competitive sports have the dual potential of bringing out the best and worst of people. Sometimes the environment for athletes, coaches and parents is not as supportive, inspiring and nurturing as it could be. In the pursuit of refining technical skills and improving time, important life skills that lead to healthy social and emotional growth are often lost or overshadowed. Better & Faster Together seeks to bring out the best in people by defining healthy competition.

Olympic alpine ski racer and coach Julia Ford talks about the inspiration for forming Better & Faster Together and how to be a better competitor by lifting up teammates.

The foundation was inspired by an exemplary community role model in the ski racing community, Betsy O’Leary Abelson, who passed away in the winter of 2019. Her motto, that we are all better and faster when we work together, became the catalyst and bedrock of the foundation.

A small group of founders—including parents, athletes and coaches—came together to create a foundation designed to promote healthy competition and teach essential life skills to all involved—from athletes to parents to coaches—so that through sports, we can all be better—and faster—together.

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