2021 Betsy O’Leary Abelson Parent’s Spirit Award

Apr 29, 2022 | Featured, Parents

Mirza Cifirc

Mirza Cifric is the 2021 Betsy O’Leary Abelson Parent’s Spirit Award recipient.


Mirza Cifric is Founder and CEO of Veritas Genetics, the first company to introduce whole genome sequencing and interpretation to consumers and their physicians for under $1,000. He leads Veritas with the mission of driving global accessibility to genomic information as the company builds the first, large-scale service capable of sequencing and interpreting hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, of human genomes each year. Cifric was instrumental in helping the Gould family through the Covid crisis with generous donations of home tests. Last season, Cifric provided a solution to Sunday River Skiers who needed to provide PCR test results in order to return to work and/or school each Monday as required in Massachusetts, and possibly other states. The Ski Safe program was established by Veritas in collaboration with several ski clubs and seasonal programs at ski resorts across the northeast for the 2020/2021 season. His company was able to offer 24-hour PCR results to skiers which allowed families to come to Sunday River to ski and have results in time for Monday. He piloted the program using the weekend/club (GACP) families and offered a discount on the tests. Once the pilot proved successful, they opened it up to all skiers at Sunday River. Cifric, an avid skier, lives with his wife and four children.