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Better & Faster Together supports athletes, parents and coaches by providing innovative curriculum and tools designed to promote a healthy, competitive environment and recognition for exemplary community role models.

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For a few minutes on race day, ski racing is an individual sport. But the reality is that we are all better—and faster—when we work together. Get inspired by top ski racers and coaches:

Support Better & Faster Together in its mission to build community in athletics:

What We Do


We provide athletes, parents and coaches inspiration and information on the sport of skiing from trusted sources in the industry.


​We recognize the front-line ambassadors who are exemplary community role models in the sport of ski racing at a grassroots level.


We support athletes by promoting healthy competition, teamwork and positive life skills through camps, clinics and workshops.

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Photo by Linda Guerrette
Photo by Linda Guerrette
Photo by Linda Guerrette

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